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Estuary Sturgeon Fishing: Tips And Information About
Estuary Sturgeon Fishing In The Northwest

“The one thing I love about fishing for Estuary Sturgeon is the action.”  Says Guide Pat Abel with Pat Abel’s Guide Service (503-307-6033 or ).  “The action is non-stop, and I don’t get a chance to sit down on most days.”
“If you want to catch sturgeon non-stop all day, you need to keep bait in the water.”  Suggests Abel.  “Even when a client has a fish on, I’ll keep as many baits in the water that I can to keep the scent trail going.”
“When you have a good scent trail going and hook a fish, you get other sturgeon in the area excited and they will go on the bite, creating doubles and even triples.”  Says Abel, with audible excitement in his voice.
“The 1st week of June is the time to start hitting the Estuary, throw in some minus tides and you will find some sturgeon.”
Abel will keep 4 baits rigged per client at all times.  When a client needs a new bait Abel can clip a new bait on and have his client fishing again in mere seconds.  “Keeping as much bait on the bottom creating that scent trail is the key to success down here.”  Abel stresses. 

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Pat Abel, Pat Abel Guide Service, fishes the Columbia River, Willamette River, Tillamook Bay, Buoy 10, Pacific Ocean, North Coast Rivers & Streams for Salmon, Steelhead and Sturgeon.

If Abel isn’t getting any action in 30 minutes he’s moving to try a different location.  “Use your depth finder!”  Abel hints.  “Look for fish.  Anchor above them and put your baits in front of them.”
Abel has found that sturgeon will feed shallow at high tide and move deeper as the tide flows out.  Abel’s prefers using Sandshrimp in shallow water, while using Anchovies in deeper water.
When Abel’s clients first detect a bite he tells them to set the hook immediately.  “Sometimes the bites are so small that the bite looks like a crab or a trash fish eating your bait.  But that small bite can turn into a big fish!  When you go to set the hook and it’s solid, well you know you have a keeper.”  Says Abel.  Abel also prefers to keep his clients rods in the rod holder so bites can be detected early.  “At other times the bites are so aggressive the rod folds over and is just pinned in the rod holder.”
Abel uses knotless leaders of 80-pound spectra with 5/0 and 6/0 hooks.  Using a bait threaded and a knotless leader keeps the baits in excellent shape and will hold up better in faster currents.
Anchoring:  Since the Columbia River Estuary bottom is mostly sand, using a anchor designed for sand only makes sense. No need to lug your 40-pound Columbia River anchor down to the estuary, when a 13-pound Fluke or Plow Anchor will hold a boat up to 30-feet. You may need to use 6-feet of chain above your anchor, but not always. Your back and your fishing partner’s back will thank you at the end of the day!

Thanks to Andy Schneider from Fishing & Hunting News for sending us this great article about Estuary Sturgeon Fishing and about Oregon fishing guide Pat Abel and information and fishing tips for catching Sturgeon, how to catch Sturgeon and estuary Sturgeon fishing techniques.

Columbia River estuary sturgeon fishery extended

Action: Modify the ongoing recreational white sturgeon fishery downstream of Wauna powerlines to allow retention through Sunday July 31, 2011 by adding the following periods to the existing retention season:
Effective Dates:
• June 27 - 30, 2011 (retention allowed daily)
• July 1 - 31, 2011 (retention allowed 7 days per week)
Location: Columbia River and its tributaries from the mouth of the Columbia upstream to the Wauna power lines near Cathlamet, Wash.
Species affected: White sturgeon.
Reason for action: The estuary sturgeon fishery was originally scheduled to close June 27 and then re-open for four more days of fishing from July 1 through July 4. Angling effort and catch have been less than expected, with catch of white sturgeon projected to total 2,440 fish by the end of the previously adopted season, or 36 percent of the 6,800 fish harvest guideline for this area, leaving a balance of 4,360 fish.
Other information: Fishery managers scheduled a formal check-in for July 13 to review catch data to confirm that the fishery is tracking within expectations. Season modifications may be necessary if catch is greater than expected. The retention fishery is not expected to continue beyond July 31.
The daily catch limit is one white sturgeon, with a fork-length measurement for this area of 41 inches to 54 inches. All green sturgeon must be released.

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